Lions Drop to 0-3 on the Season and the Sky is Officially Falling

The Lions piss down their leg and lose another game they had multiple chances to win. In other news grass is green and the sky is blue. Lions fans are an absolute broken bunch at this point. Each week is a sad, sad cycle. We wake up (probably hungover) every Sunday morning with an inkling of hope that it might be the day that the Lions turn things around for the better. The game starts, Lions show some flashes of greatness but ultimately end up serving Lions fans a heaping pile of disappointment on a silver platter. Every….single….week. Your father’s Lions are the same as your Lions, and will be the same as your kid’s Lions. Just misery dipped in dog shit.

Look, I’m not saying that the Lions have absolutely no chance at saving this season but if you have watched one second of Lions football over the past 30 years you know that that would require an actual miracle. I can’t wait to take our swiss cheese offensive line and our last place rushing offensive out to Seattle next Monday night. Should be fun.

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