Should MSU Even Show Up to the Big House Saturday?

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 7.13.16 PM

I’ve spent all week reading articles previewing the Michigan-MSU game and I have come to one conclusion. Michigan State shouldn’t even bother taking the field Saturday. Haven’t you heard?? Michigan has Harbaugh!!! The Lord and Savior himself!!! I don’t think that Michigan State even deserves to stand on the same field as him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark Dantonio just walked out to mid-field on Saturday, kissed Harbaugh’s feet, and just threw in the white towel right there and then. No point in even playing the game. We have no shot at winning with The Almighty Harbaugh on the sidelines. No shot at all.

*Back to Reality*

Obviously that first paragraph was sarcasm, but it isn’t too far off from what the narrative has been in the media all week. I would be an idiot to say that Michigan doesn’t look like a good football team. They have absolutely steamrolled their competition since the Utah loss. Harbaugh has the Wolverines headed in the right direction but by no means am I going to crown them the class of the Big Ten just yet.

I hate Jim Harbaugh with every fiber in my body but god damn do I respect him. He’s a great football coach. But people tend to forget that we have a pretty damn good coach on our sideline as well. A coach who is 48-12 and 4-0 in bowl games since 2011. Not too shabby if you ask me. There is a handful of coaches in the country that can go toe-to-toe with Harbaugh and Dantonio is one of them. I cannot wait for Saturday. The first installment in the Dantonio v. Harbaugh rivalry should be an absolute doozy. Let’s get it on!

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