Detroit Don and Superfan Get Kicked Out of Lions Game

You think you can do Detroit Don and Superfan dirty like that? Hell no. Not without them getting the last word in. These guys are every Lions fan in a nutshell. Stuck with the team through countless shitty seasons and just keep coming back. Keep showing up every Sunday to put a little more money in the Ford’s pockets, still holding on to the hope that maybe some day the Lions will have a competent football team. That day is certainly not today. 125 home games in a row? If that really is true the Lions should be paying these guys to come to the games. These guys have seen enough shitty Lions football to sue the Fords for prolonged emotional trauma. I mean c’mon. We’ve already got people showing up on Sundays with bags on their heads and you’re gonna kick out a few die hard fans who may have been cheering too much?? Makes sense. (There’s probably way more to this story but for now I’m gonna pretend there isn’t)

Also, I still believe that the Lions will never be a good organization until we get rid of “Gridiron Heroes” after every touchdown. Just an awful, awful song that makes us look like a Mickey Mouse operation.

Change the song and the Lions change their ways. You heard it here first.


Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.30.14 PM

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I still don’t change my stance on these guys tho. You come into Ford Field in Bears gear and people are going to get in your face. Deal with it. I would expect the exact same treatment from Bears fans at Soldier Field. Keep doing you SuperFan. Not all heroes wear capes, some wear stuffed Lions on their heads.

I also love Superfan confirming that he had been drinking alcohol at the game. No kidding man. I think it’s safe to say that if you are 21+ and sober at a Lions game, there is probably something wrong with you.

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