Different Country, Same Result. Lions Drop to 1-7 on the Season

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 7.04.28 PM

On most Sundays I feel pretty bad for everyone in the Midwest that is forced to watch the Lions play. Today took it to a whole different level. With the Lions playing in London, they were the only game on at 9:30 this morning. The country was waking up fresh off an extra hour of sleep, (S/O Ben Franklin) ready to watch the Honolulu Blue. Any other fanbase would be very excited about this. Your team is playing in a different country, in front of a fresh crop of European fans. You get to roll right out of bed and watch your team play. Sounds pretty awesome right?


Instead of just Detroit, the entire Northern Hemisphere got to witness the Lions attempt to play football while simultaneously puking on themselves. It would be one thing if the Lions lost to a formidable team, but to get your DOORS BLOWN OFF by a 2-5 Chiefs team in front of the world is about as low as it gets. Our defense made Alex Smith look like ’06 Mike Vick and our offense barely sniffed the red zone all day. After the 2nd Stafford interception I literally bursted out laughing. That was the only emotion I had left in the tank. Just pure laughter because of how ridiculously bad this team is. There is nobody to blame but everybody.

Let’s take a look at the negatives and positives of today’s blowout loss:


  • Play calling continues to be a problem
  • Offense Line gives up 6 sacks
  • Matt Stafford throws 2 picks
  • Lions Total Rushing: 81 yds 0 TD     Alex Smith Total Rushing: 78 yds 1 TD
  • 0 Turnovers forced
  • 6 TD given up
  • Calvin Johnson leaves game with an ankle injury
  • Traveled across the world to get asses beat


  • The game was over with by noon

At this point in the season I wan’t to hide the Lions, make them disappear. Just let them be the worst team in the league in peace and quiet without bothering the rest of the NFL. I want them erased from everyone’s brain until April when they are on the clock with the first pick in the draft, then let the rebuilding begin! (The Lions will undoubtedly make the wrong choice, draft a guy that doesn’t pan out, sign a few over-the-hill veterans and comfortably snuggle into last place in the NFC North for another year. It’s like clockwork.)


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