Lions Beat Packers In Lambeau For The First Time In My Lifetime

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 12.28.44 PM

It had been 24 years since the Lions had won at Lambeau field, but by the grace of God and a terrible Packers performance, that streak has now ended. 24 years is insane! I am 21 years old. If my math is correct I did not exist in this world the last time this happened. I was just an innocent little sperm in my father’s balls with no clue how miserable this team would eventually make me, but Sunday was a nice little mix up.

After no less than 2 heart attacks thanks to Calvin Johnson and Matt Prater, the Lions finally put the game away by blocking a Mason Crosby field goal.

I know that no Lions players actually touched the ball but on the replay you can clearly see the spirit of William Clay Ford descending from the heavens and getting a finger on that ball. It’s the only rational reason for Crosby missing. Hell of a play, especially by a 90 year old dead man. Good looking out there Mr. Ford. If you disagree with this then explain to me why the Lions only had 10 men on the field other than they were saving a spot for Mr. Ford. Just your typical idiotic personnel mistake? Maybe. But I like my theory better.

People complaining about how beating the Packers hurts our chances at the number one pick can kick rocks. It isn’t like there is some can’t miss pick in this year’s draft. There is no sure thing franchise QB we would be missing out on. I would take a divisional road win over a hypothetical draft pick any day of the week. The Lions are one of the worst drafting teams in the NFL and that is not going to change by having the #1 pick. Having the #1 pick puts way too much pressure on a brand new front office and all but guarantees that we draft the wrong guy and he turns out to be a bust. It’s just what we do.

Yes the Lions are still a very bad team and have no shot at making the playoffs, but beating the Packers at home and ending a haunting road losing streak is definitely a reason to celebrate.


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