MSU Beats Iowa In B1G Championship. Bama Up Next On The Chopping Block

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.34.20 PM

This has been an absolute roller coaster of a season and that was exactly how Saturday night went. Neither team could score on each other. It was Big Ten football to a T. That was until CJ Beathard decided to pick on Darian Hicks and throw a bomb to Tevaun Smith for a TD on the first play of the 4th quarter. At that point my heart sank all the way to my feet. But for some reason, even though we hadn’t scored a touchdown until our final drive, I knew that we weren’t gonna lose that game. This team just has that magical ability to pull something out of their ass in crunch time. I cannot explain it. It’s kind of messed up how accustomed I am to seeing MSU win close games at this point. I just expect some crazy shit to happen and for us to leave victorious and I’m sure that at some point it will all crash and burn. But for now I’m going to ride this wave for as long as I possibly can.

We had to respond after Iowa scored that TD early in the 4th quarter but I did not imagine a scenario where we put together a 22 play 9 minute drive to send us to the College Football Playoff. We tightened our chin/jock straps a little tighter, put our pads a little lower and said try to stop us. 22 plays? Nbd, just the longest drive in college football over the past 2 years. To deliver that kind of collective performance, on that stage, in that moment,  is absolutely bonkers.

LJ Scott looked like anything but a freshman out there. He just made big play after big play, none being bigger than the game winning TD. That was a grown ass man playing with children. It took 3 Iowa players to try to stop Scott and that just wasn’t enough. Hats off to Iowa though, they played a hell of a game and I will be rooting hard for them against Stanford in the Rose Bowl.

So now we face Big Bad Bama and Nick Saban in the Cotton Bowl, and I for one, am not scared one bit. 9.5 point underdogs? Awesome. Derrick Henry? Bring em on.

I know it sounds crazy but I would much rather go against Alabama’s running game than have to try to contain Baker Mayfield or Deshaun Watson. It is going to be a hell of a challenge but we match up better with Bama than any other team in the playoff.

You bet your ass Alabama is going to overlook us even more than they did Ohio State last year. That’s a big mistake. Everyone knows that the disrespect fire in East Lansing is one that should be fueled with caution.


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If we get blown out by Bama don’t even bother digging this blog back up because I will already be a dead man.

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