What’s Bruce Rondon Up To Nowadays? Bringing Sexy Back and Starting Brawls

We haven’t heard much from Bruce since he was sent home at the end of last season due to “effort level” reasons. Tiger’s management pretty much said “Hey Bruce, you are such a big fat turd that we can’t even afford to have you around. Pack your shit up and don’t come back until your ERA is less than the amount of burgers you can eat in one sitting”.

Rondon is probably on his final straw with the Tigers this year after getting a free pass his first 2 seasons. The excuse of being young and trying to find your footing can only be used so long and you only get one chance to come back from getting sent home for being lazy.

With that being said, Rondon looks like he is showing a little bit of life down in the Venezuelan Winter League, throwing beanballs and haymakers all over the joint. I have no idea if he is actually pitching well or not but I don’t need to know. This look says it all.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 3.16.51 PM

Chain popped. No undershirt. Top button undone. Death stare. Just oozing with swagger! No guy over 250 lbs goes top button undone unless he is absolutely feeling himself.

Bruce looks like he is in good shape compared to the last time we saw him. Not normal people good shape, but fat guy good shape. He’s in “I can run from the bullpen to the mound without puking” shape. Good enough for me. Everyone knows that once you reach some sort of success as a fat guy, getting skinny is the worst thing you can do. Just ask Jonah Hill, Jason Dufner, and CC Sabathia. Once they started shedding pounds the wheels started to fall off.






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